5 ways RYPT can help COVID restrictions

Posted by RYPT Team on 27-Oct-2020 18:45:00

[3-minute read]

Coronavirus restrictions have presented a host of new challenges for coaches and business owners. At the same time however, there are huge opportunities for those who embrace the challenge and provide remote coaching services to their clients and athletes, and RYPT is here to help coaches adapt.

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Topics: Performance, Monitoring, Programming, S&C

What is Training Monotony and how can it help me Optimize Performance?

Posted by RYPT Team on 24-Sep-2020 19:45:00

[4 minute read]

Research has shown that spikes in training loads are obvious factors in non-contact injuries1, 2. On the other hand, however, low variability in training loads can mean that the training stimulus is not enough to promote adaptations and improvements, or that rest is not sufficient and there is a risk or overtraining, injury, or illness. In this article, we’ll define training monotony and outline how coaches can use it to optimize their programming.

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Topics: Performance, Monitoring, Programming, S&C, Training Load, Monotony

Monitoring your athletes like the pros

Posted by Jason McGahan Ph.D. MSc ASCC on 18-Apr-2020 10:00:00

[5 minute read]

The goal in training competitive athletes is to provide training loads that are effective in improving performance (Meeusen et al., 2013). Season long competition schedules in sport create challenges for coaches in balancing the requirements of developing and maintaining physical fitness, optimizing recovery as well as adjusting the training load before and between games (Gastin et al., 2013).

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Why you should embrace digital change as a Strength and Conditioning Coach

Posted by Des Earls on 17-Oct-2019 20:53:00

[5 min read]


“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

– John Wooden

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Feature Focus / Lifestyle (Well-being) Monitoring

Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 22-Aug-2019 16:02:54

[4 minute read]

This week we rolled out our much anticipated Lifestyle / Well-being Monitoring feature. Allowing you to monitor your client's / athlete's perceived well-being through a daily questionnaire. Here's a little bit more on what the feature can do...

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