Feature Focus / RYPT Products Program Sales

Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 31-Aug-2020 13:42:03

[3 minute read]

We know how difficult it is to start selling your training programs online, and working with clients and athletes remotely. That's why we created RYPT Products, to help high-quality coaches monetize their expertise without the hassle.

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Training Deceleration and Change of Direction

Posted by Caoimhe Morris on 27-Aug-2020 18:41:47

[8 minute read]

Jacob Stockdale, Sabrina Ionescu, Kylian Mbappé, and Sarah Rowe are all extremely talented sports people with the ability to leave defenders in the dust. Their ability to decelerate, control force, and re-accelerate in a short period of time is what gets them past defenders in a game, and it's why they're considered to be both talented athletes, and nightmares to defend against.

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Feature Focus / Video Workouts

Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 21-Aug-2020 15:44:09

[2 minute read]

This week we rolled out a big upgrade to the workout builder - video workouts. Here's some information about what you can do with the new feature and how it can benefit you, and your clients and athletes...

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Improving your Athlete's Linear Speed

Posted by Ben Smalley on 18-Aug-2020 19:31:26

[6 minute read]

This article is a short summary highlighting the importance of developing speed in your athletes.

What is speed? /

Speed is equal to stride length multiplied by stride frequency. However, these aspects are not why you run fast. They are outcomes of running faster. By applying greater force into the ground, in shorter time frames at ground contact - we increase stride length and increase frequency.

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Developing Reactive Strength

Posted by Caoimhe Morris on 16-Jul-2020 18:35:56

[7 minute read]

Introduction /

Explosive strength is a vital aspect of athletic performance, as it dictates both the amount of force developed and the rate that force is developed at. Explosive strength is important for various athletic tasks such as acceleration, change of direction and sprinting. Without explosive strength athletes would be less able both produce and absorb forces in competition.

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