Ben Smalley

Ben Smalley
Ben is a S&C Coach and Sport Scientist based in London. After completing a BSc in Sport, Exercise & Rehabilitation Science in the University of Birmingham, Ben is currently finishing off his MSc in S&C at Middlesex University. Ben is also working towards his UKSCA Accreditation. Along with his role as a Sport Scientist at DSS, Ben is also working at Queen’s Park Rangers as an Academy Sport Scientist.
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Periodization Explained

Posted by Ben Smalley on 17-Oct-2020 14:04:04

[4-minute read]

Periodization is a process of dividing a training plan into a series of manageable training phases. Each training phase can be designed to target a specific  attributes to be developed and include periods of appropriate loading and recovery in order to achieve the desired adaptations and ensure optimal readiness for competition.

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Topics: Performance, Programming, S&C, Periodization

Improving your Athlete's Linear Speed

Posted by Ben Smalley on 18-Aug-2020 19:31:26

[6 minute read]

This article is a short summary highlighting the importance of developing speed in your athletes.

What is speed? /

Speed is equal to stride length multiplied by stride frequency. However, these aspects are not why you run fast. They are outcomes of running faster. By applying greater force into the ground, in shorter time frames at ground contact - we increase stride length and increase frequency.

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Topics: Programming, S&C, Speed, Linear Speed

Training for Strength and Power

Posted by Ben Smalley on 02-Jul-2020 12:39:48

[4 minute read]

Introduction /

Strength & Power development are two vital elements of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) training. When we speak of strength, we refer to the ability of muscles to produce force. Power however is the rate (velocity) at which this force is produced1

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Topics: Programming, S&C, Strength, Power