5 ways RYPT can help COVID restrictions

Posted by RYPT Team on 27-Oct-2020 18:45:00

[3-minute read]

Coronavirus restrictions have presented a host of new challenges for coaches and business owners. At the same time however, there are huge opportunities for those who embrace the challenge and provide remote coaching services to their clients and athletes, and RYPT is here to help coaches adapt.

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Periodization Explained

Posted by Ben Smalley on 17-Oct-2020 14:04:04

[4-minute read]

Periodization is a process of dividing a training plan into a series of manageable training phases. Each training phase can be designed to target a specific  attributes to be developed and include periods of appropriate loading and recovery in order to achieve the desired adaptations and ensure optimal readiness for competition.

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Swim Ireland renew partnership with RYPT

Posted by RYPT Team on 15-Oct-2020 18:51:08

[2 min read]

RYPT are delighted to announce the renewal of a partnership with Swim Ireland Performance as the exclusive provider of strength and conditioning programming software to support their performance coaches and athletes up until the re-arranged 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

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How to use Tapering to Optimize Performance

Posted by Caoimhe Morris on 01-Oct-2020 18:33:15

[4-minute read]

The rationale behind tapering is simple: provide the athlete with appropriate recovery prior to performance. Tapering, in simple terms, means reducing the time (duration) and volume (distance or load) of training prior to match, game or competition day. Tapering periods depend heavily on the sport and competition period, however for the purpose of this blog we will speak in relation to field sports such as football and camogie that have competition or ‘peak’ days on a weekly basis in-season.

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What is Training Monotony and how can it help me Optimize Performance?

Posted by RYPT Team on 24-Sep-2020 19:45:00

[4 minute read]

Research has shown that spikes in training loads are obvious factors in non-contact injuries1, 2. On the other hand, however, low variability in training loads can mean that the training stimulus is not enough to promote adaptations and improvements, or that rest is not sufficient and there is a risk or overtraining, injury, or illness. In this article, we’ll define training monotony and outline how coaches can use it to optimize their programming.

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